Carry Stuff in Your Favorite Book with Literary Clutches

Rebecca OConnell
chicklitdesigns / chicklitdesigns

Have you ever found a book cover that's too pretty to hide on the shelves? Designer Michelle Wolett takes advantage of gorgeous tomes and converts them into clutch purses, which she sells on her Etsy store Chick-Lit Designs. The artist takes the covers from the books but leaves the actual text intact; if you would like to keep the innards, Wolett will happily re-bind the book for you to keep along with the purse. If not, the coverless books are donated to a local refugee center. 

Besides books, Wolett also makes iPad covers, jewelry, and more. "I’m inspired every day by vintage items, bookstores, colors and patterns. Just looking at an interesting pattern can really drive my creativity," Wolett explained in an interview. 

If these styles aren't to your liking, you can buy similar products from this store, or make your own