How Much Coffee Would It Take to Kill Someone?

Shaunacy Ferro

Too much of anything can be deadly. The video series AsapSCIENCE explains just how much of common substances it would take to kill someone. You may be surprised by what can be lethal. 

For instance, it would take 70 cups of coffee to kill a roughly 150-pound person. Death can also result from consuming 13 consecutive shots of alcohol, six liters of water, or 48 teaspoons of salt. Being 9 feet tall can also kill you, from the combination of stress on the circulatory system and on the bones. Eating 85 chocolate bars can be deadly, too.

Eep! What a case for moderation. On the bright side, that means we can safely drink 60 cups of coffee in a day, right?

[h/t: Kottke]

Banner image via iStock