A growing trend in DIY activities means that a lot more people are doing cross stitch and brewing their own beer, but just how far can the movement go for those with big ambitions but somewhat limited handy skills? With the O Six Hundred kayak, the answer is pretty far.

Ben Cooper and Andrew Simpson of The Balmain Boat Company created the 42-piece, ready-to-build kayak, which can be yours for a cool $1,400.

That may be a bit more than the average craft kit, but the O Six Hundred is a boat you can say you built with your own two hands. It comes with a set of pine and cedar parts that make up the frame, and a translucent carbon skin that wraps around the structure to waterproof it. If you’re thinking it sounds a bit like IKEA for watersports, the designers are way ahead of you. They namecheck the retailer on the site, but boast that their kayak can be built without a hex key.

At just over 22 pounds, the O Six Hundred kayak isn’t too hefty to haul around either, which means you could easily cart your handcrafted boat around for a quick paddle—or just some showing-off.

[h/t Outside]