The World's First (and Maybe Last) 1,000-Key Emoji Keyboard

Andrew LaSane
YouTube / YouTube

Whether you like it or not, emoji is the language of the future. Smileys, prayer hands, and random guys with moustaches are just faster and more fun than flexing your QWERTY skills. One fan of the ubiquitous symbols decided to be the hero that the Internet deserves by successfully building a 1,000-key keyboard, which boasts every known character from Unicode 8.0.

As Tom Scott explains in the video below, his keyboard is really 14 standard keyboards that have been modified to serve his divine purpose. Stickers show where each emoji is; there are also skin tone modifier keys so that users can be all-inclusive with their tweets. Scott promises that a more in-depth video explaining his creation will be posted to his YouTube channel soon, so stay tuned.