'True Detective' Producers Are Bringing 'Catch-22' To TV

Kirstin Fawcett
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One of the 20th century’s greatest literary works is slated to hit the small screen, thanks to the production team responsible for hit TV show True Detective.

According to The Telegraph, Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 will be transformed into a miniseries. So far, there aren’t any details on how long the show will be or when it will air. Richard Brown, head of New York-based production company Passenger, has said that the project is currently in “the very early stages” of development.

Although casting Captain Yossarian won’t be an easy task, other top talents have already been selected. Luke Davies, who wrote the James Dean biopic Life, will be responsible for the screenplay. David Michôd, who helmed the 2010 film Animal Kingdom, will serve as the show’s director.

Technically, this isn’t the first time the classic novel has been adapted for television. In 1973, Richard Dreyfuss played Yossarian in a CBS pilot episode for Catch-22. However, the series was discontinued—perhaps because a movie version of Heller’s World War II satire received mixed reviews and disappointing box office returns only three years prior. 

Hopefully, the upcoming show won’t air at the same time as True Detective. Deciding which show to watch over the other? Now that would be a real Catch-22

[h/t The Telegraph]