'Speed Chess' Arcade Game is Anything But Boring

Michele Debczak
Trust Tower via Vimeo
Trust Tower via Vimeo / Trust Tower via Vimeo

Chess is known for being a game of patience and strategy, but in this futuristic version, each move is fueled by adrenaline.

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, the developers Team Dengkisen, or “Team Blitzkrieg,” debuted their high-octane update of the classic game. “Speed Chess” has an interactive, multi-touch display with a soundtrack ripped straight from an '80s arcade game. When players lift their pieces, a neon web lights up the board highlighting all the possible moves that can be made. The board also keeps track of each player’s score and increases the intensity of its lights and music with each check. 

Unlike traditional chess, speed is a major object of this game and there are no set turns. Instead, players move their pieces simultaneously and have to wait a certain amount of time between moves. This introduces the component of time management to the already strategic board game. 

For anyone who thinks that chess is boring, this version certainly proves otherwise. You can watch a full game of “Speed Chess” in action below. (The whole thing lasts a grand total of two minutes.)

[h/t: Nerdist]