A 1990s Cartoon-Inspired Art Show is Coming to Brooklyn

Max Schieble/IMAGE Gallery/Creative CNTRL
Max Schieble/IMAGE Gallery/Creative CNTRL / Max Schieble/IMAGE Gallery/Creative CNTRL

At IMAGE Gallery in Brooklyn, two of the best things in the world are coming together to form one cool theme for an upcoming group art show: "Cartoons & Cereal." 

A collaboration between the gallery and Creative CNTRL, the pop-up art show is built around the nostalgia for waking up early on a Saturday morning just to sit and watch all of your favorite cartoons. Though the Saturday Morning Cartoon ritual itself was officially put to rest a year ago, the opportunity to relive those glory days is going down between October 2 and October 4, with pieces from such artists as Ronnie Rob, Max Schieble, Matthew Burrows, Sam Kirk, Lavan Wright, Scott Boyer, Jared Yamahata, Joshua Peters, Ericka Hagan, and Keyani Watkins.

For the opening, Creative CNTRL and IMAGE will give attendees free cereal from a cereal bar, and no 1990s-themed event is complete without a Mario Kart competition on Nintendo 64. Check out previews of art that will be on display, and get ready to check out the original art, posters, and fine art prints when the show opens next week.

"Peek-at-chu" by Jared Yamahata

"Dexter" by Keyani Watkins

"Where's PAC" by Keyani Watkins

"DBZ" by Keyani Watkins

"LEGO Moonwalk" by Joshua Peters

"Rosco" by Erick Hagan

"Homer Choking Bart" by Max Schieble

"Employment Opportunity" by Lavan Wright

"Gerald" by Erick Hagan