The Mobile Private Island for Aspiring Supervillans

Michele Debczak
Migaloo / Migaloo

If you're an evil billionaire looking to take over the world, the company Migaloo is here to cater to your every demand. On the homepage of their website they boast a blurb from Mashable reading, “377-foot Migaloo Submarine Yacht is perfect for James Bond Villains.” For those clients in search of something even less subtle than a luxury submersible yacht, there’s also their mobile private island. 

Kokomo Aisalnd is a customizable ocean habitat that floats on two semi-submersible platforms and spans nearly 385 feet in length. Amenities range from the super-fancy to the totally insane. Migaloo can trick your new residence out with a helicopter deck, outdoor cinema, a jungle deck (boasting palm trees and vertical gardens), and an underwater “dining saloon” with a shark-feeding station. 

The Austrian company says the conceptual island is for sale, but no purchases have been made at the time of writing. It’s also somewhat unclear how much the lair would set you back. This floating island (from another Austrian firm) goes for $6.5 million, but it doesn’t include waterfalls or an 80-foot high penthouse.

You can check out more 3D renderings of Migaloo's luxury island in the video below.

[h/t: Gizmodo]