Non-Profit Organization Recreates Magazine Covers With Shelter Dogs to Help Them Get Adopted

Rebecca OConnell
Po Psu Ta Moda, Facebook
Po Psu Ta Moda, Facebook / Po Psu Ta Moda, Facebook

Abandoned dogs often come into the shelter disheveled and scared. They're in no shape to have their photo taken, but often that's what happens—and it negatively affects their chances of getting adopted. Polish non-profit organization Po Psu Ta Moda knows that the right marketing is important, and provides the necessary materials to make sure the dogs are runway ready. With some props and creativity, they transform their shelter dogs into canine models ready to be featured on their fake magazine PoPsuTa Moda.

Po Psu Ta Moda wants to showcase the dogs in a positive way that shows they can be just as beautiful as the models seen on fashion magazine covers. The approach seems to work: Most of the dogs featured have already been adopted. And with adorable mugs like those, is anyone surprised?

[h/t: I Heart Dogs]