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Natasha Zouves ABC7 via Twitter
Natasha Zouves ABC7 via Twitter / Natasha Zouves ABC7 via Twitter

Dominos Delivers $1300 Cash instead of Wings

Berkeley, California resident Mike Vegas ordered a pizza and some wings from his local Dominos. He ate only one slice of pizza, put the rest of the food in the refrigerator, and went to work. He got home about 5 a.m. and took the box of chicken wings out. Inside was $1300 in cash! The delivery driver was supposed to make a deposit and had the money in a food box, which was delivered to Vegas by mistake. The driver tried calling, but Vegas didn’t answer his phone while he worked as a bartender. After posting the story to Facebook, Vegas returned the money to the Dominos outlet. In return, the store manager declared Vegas will receive free pizza for the next year.    

Fire Drill Sends 191 Students to Hospital

An attempt to make a school fire drill more realistic backfired spectacularly in Tianshui City, Gansu province, China. Last Friday, officials staged the fire drill and fired smoke guns into a junior middle school with an enrollment of 412 students, to simulate a real fire. Students began to cough and vomit from the smoke, and 191 were sent to a hospital. Of those, 37 remain in critical condition. Health experts were sent in from the National Health and Family Planning Commission to assist local healthcare workers. 

PETA Sues To Give Monkey The Rights To Selfie Photos

In 2011, photographer David Slater was in Indonesia when a crested black macaque grabbed his camera and took some pictures, including an awesome selfie. It was a viral sensation. But who owns the copyright? Slater feels the copyright should be his, while Wikipedia argues that no one does. The war for the rights to this picture continue to this day, as now People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has filed suit to grant the rights to the monkey, identified as 6-year-old Naruto. According to the Associated Press,

Last year, the U.S. Copyright Office issued an updated compendium of its policies, including a section stipulating that it would register copyrights only for works produced by human beings. It specified that works produced by animals, whether a photo taken by a monkey or a mural painted by an elephant, would not qualify. However, Jeffrey Kerr, a lawyer with PETA, said the copyright office policy "is only an opinion," and the U.S. Copyright Act itself does not contain language limiting copyrights to humans.

Slater said he is “very saddened” by PETA’s lawsuit.

Dead Body Found to be Man Napping

Monday morning, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, emergency dispatch received several calls reporting a suspected dead body propped up against a guardrail on Route 33. Morning commuters were surprised by the sight and called 911. The man was wearing jeans and appeared to be in his twenties. State police went out to investigate, and found a homeless man taking a nap. They woke him up. No charges were filed.

Brad Pitt Movie Scares Chickens

A new movie starring Charlie Hunnam, The Lost City of Z, is about explorer Percy Fawcett. The movie, from Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B, is currently filming on location in Ballygally, Northern Ireland. That’s not sitting well with some locals, as explosions are disturbing the livestock. Resident Jason McKillion says his chickens scattered and hid, his dog was cowering, and the cows were bellowing in terror. He says he wishes that farmers had been warned about the noise and explosions so that they could take precautions to protect their animals.

Running Without Pants to Honor a Friend’s Pledge

Prince Edward Island attorney Andrew Coady was trying to raise $2500 so his team could enter a charity hockey tournament. The proceeds will benefit the Canadian Cancer Society. Coady also served as the chair of the tournament. He was so stoked to raise the funds that he made an unusual pledge, according to CBC News:

One day at lunch he told his wife Laura he had to raise the money quickly, and needed to do something to grab attention. He decided if he reached the $2,500 goal he would run from the front door of his law firm on Queen Street to the bottom of the street — without his pants on.

That was the plan, but Coady died earlier this month while swimming. He was 32. In honor of Coady, several of his friends will fulfill his pledge by running through downtown Charlotte, PEI, in their underpants today. Those friends had hoped a GoFundMe account set up to raise the money would reach $15,000 by this morning, but the fund has now exceeded $20,000.