The Simpsons Reimagined in Weird ‘90s Style

Shaunacy Ferro

WEIRD SIMPSONS VHS from Yoann Hervo on Vimeo.

The world of The Simpsons is already pretty weird, but Yoann Hervo envisions it being even stranger. In the video above, the illustrator reimagines the classic cartoon intro as a trippy, dystopian ‘90s animation on VHS. Everything’s a little warped—there’s a classroom full of Lisas, an even creepier clown on TV, Homer, at one point, becomes a boxy car, and it momentarily cuts to what looks like an actual home video of a baby. The eerie intro ends on an empty couch, sans Simpsons family. What happened to them? Please come up with some spooky fan theories to explain it in the comments. 

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[h/t: It's Nice That]

Banner screenshot via Vimeo