Someone Built a LEGO Guitar You Can Actually Play

Nicola Pavan
Nicola Pavan / Nicola Pavan

People have used LEGO bricks to replicate everything from famous paintings to iconic works of architecture, but the most impressive part of Nicola Pavan’s creation is how he uses it.

Apart from the neck, hardware and electronics, Pavan’s fully functional guitar is made entirely from LEGO blocks. It’s held together by its own interlocking sections and was built without the use of glue or any kind of wooden support structure. The Italian carpenter has experimented with denim, leather, and LED strips when constructing guitars in the past, but his new LEGO project is truly unique. His video demonstrates that the instrument plays and sounds just like a real electric guitar, though he notes it can only stay in tune for a few songs. You can see his guitar in action in the video below. 

[h/t: Guitar World]