Tiny Works of Food Art Arranged in Spoons

Rebecca OConnell

Food, with all its bright colors and unusual textures, makes for a great art medium. Romanian artist Ioana Vanc has the uncanny ability to create intricate works with food that are so small they fit—appropriately—in a teaspoon. The delightful creations are made from cut foods like eggplant, ham, radish, and other vibrant edibles. Vanc's apple and pear rendition of Kermit the Frog looks as realistic as it does delicious. 

A red panda made from white and black eggplant, pear, and breadcrust.

Kermit the frog made from apples and pears.

Pandas made from eggplant, cucumber, and cheese.

A grasshopper made out of cucumber and bread.

Parrots made out of apple, cucumber, eggplant, orange, and bread.

Batman made with eggplant, banana, and apple.

[h/t: Another Mag]