Tired of Shaving? Zap Your Skin Smooth With a Laser Razor

Shaunacy Ferro
Skarp Technologies
Skarp Technologies / Skarp Technologies

Meet 21st century shaving: no razor burn or accidental cuts—and laser-powered, if the inventors of The Skarp Razor have anything to do with it. The device looks much like a regular handheld razor but uses a laser, instead of a blade, to slice through your hair sans soap or water.

Co-founded by Paul Binun and Morgan Gustavsson MBBS, a veteran of the cosmetic and dermatological laser industry, Skarp works by targeting a chromophore—a molecule that absorbs light—in the hair that breaks when hit with a particular wavelength of light, severing the hair. (And the inventors' expertise might make the device less likely to crash and burn than other high-tech Kickstarter projects.)

Because it’s not a sharp piece of metal, there’s no danger of cutting yourself with the laser, and according to the inventors, it doesn’t cause any irritation. While the environmentally friendly razor can be used in the shower, it doesn’t actually require any water, and doesn’t need to be replaced regularly like a rusty, dull blade. Perfect for drought-friendly hygiene!

The Skarp razor is currently selling for $189 on Kickstarter.

[h/t: Business Insider]