Become the Hobbit You've Always Wanted to Be in This Cool Tree House

Rebecca OConnell
Lisa Duncan
Lisa Duncan / Lisa Duncan

Chateau de Soleil, or House of the Sun, is a rentable home in Black Hills, South Dakota. The enormous home, owned by Gordon Mack, can comfortably fit 16 people, sits on six acres of land, and even has a Pac-Man-themed arcade room that glows under blacklight. Coolest, though, is the adjacent Hobbit Tree House that stands 16 feet above the ground. 

Although this Hobbit house is elevated instead of being tucked into the hillside, the building still sports the traditional round doors and windows seen on most homes in the Shire. Guests renting the entire house are welcome to stay in this smaller tree house that has all the fixings of a normal home, from air conditioning to a full kitchen. Mack created a number of Tolkein-themed decorations, like Elvish-language signs and a mask worn by Sauron to further the theme. Guests are welcome to put on specially made hobbit slippers and kick back while they enjoy second breakfast.

Images courtesy of Lisa Duncan and Gordon Mack, via VRBO.

[h/t: My Modern Met]