Watch IKEA's First-Ever Fashion Show


Home furnishings aren’t traditionally high fashion, but Swedish retailer IKEA is giving them the haute treatment with its first-ever fashion show.

The event from the store known for its mass appeal and affordability will stream live today at 1:30 p.m. EST on YouTube, and feature the work of clothing designers Katie Eary and Martin Bergström. The "Giltigcollection crafted by menswear fashion pro Eary showcases dinner party essentials, while the India-inspired "Svärtan" by Bergström contains home goods, all following a black, white, and gray color scheme. Both lines will be available for purchase in 2016.

To read a bit more on IKEA’s evolution in branding, check out this interview in Dezeen from earlier this year with the company’s design manager, Marcus Engman.

[h/t Racked]