No matter how hard we try to explain the concept, most pets just don’t get the art of selfies. For every good pet selfie, there's a gallery of failed attempts featuring turned heads, blinking eyes, and general disinterest. One crafty dog owner has developed a smartphone attachment that makes photos with your best friend a much smoother process, and it’s called the Pooch Selfie.



We’ve seen selfie machines that double as food dispensers to reward dogs for being photogenic, but the Pooch Selfie is not nearly as complex. The invention is literally a plastic holder and a squeaker tennis ball that goes onto a smartphone or tablet to hold your dog’s attention long enough for you to get a shot. You can, of course, also use the rear-facing camera to take a photo of just your dog—which isn't by definition a selfie, but “Pet Picture Taking Distraction Device” is not nearly as catchy. As a member of the Clever Dog Products team explains in the Kickstarter video, the holder was designed not to obstruct either the front-facing or the rear-facing camera, so really this simple tool is a two-fer.

At the time of this post, nearly 900 backers have pledged a total of $21,500 to make the Pooch Selfie a reality, three times what the company needed. There is still time to make a pledge of $13 in exchange for one of the attachments, or you can just risk not having an Instagram-famous pet.