The Most Frightening Food Found on Airplanes


By Brittany Jones Cooper

There are a lot of inconvenient things about traveling, and food selection is usually at the top of the list. Sure, you can grab a bite before you board, but if you have a long flight, chances are you’ll have to purchase something to eat on the plane.

That’s when things get dicey.

If you’re in business or first class, the food might look like this:

But for the rest of us sitting in coach, the options are often a lot less appetizing. When we peel back that tin foil cover, rubbery meat, soggy bread, and unidentified piles of mush are likely to appear, ruining our appetite and leaving us dreaming of a simple PB&J.

Just search the hashtag #planefood on Instagram and you’ll see see some frightening food photos posted by passengers.

Here are some of the most dreary dishes served on planes.

Qantas might think this is a hearty meal, but we’re left wondering what’s wrong with those sausages.

The passenger didn’t use a filter on this photo…but maybe they needed to. This snack on Emirates Airlines looks like it could get up and walk away.

All of the ketchup and mustard in the world couldn’t help this poor hot dog.

If you were to look up the word “slop” in the dictionary, you would see this photo.

This passenger wrote, “I think this is an omelet.” We think it’s a health risk.

If you can’t identify what is hiding under the tin foil, it’s totally acceptable to just eat the bread. 

Just…what is this? 

We know airlines are going through tough times, but this is just sad.

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