An Epic Map of America's Punny Businesses

Michele Debczak
Atlas Obscura
Atlas Obscura / Atlas Obscura

No matter what part of the country you’re traveling through, there’s no escaping Americans' penchant for punny business names. Some may groan at the sight of a restaurant called “Planet of the Crepes,” while others may equate its clever wordplay with quality eats. For patrons who can't resist a good pun, Atlas Obscura has teamed up with Digg to create the ultimate crowdsourced map of punny businesses in America. 

After weeding out the duplicates from the 3000-odd submissions they received, they’ve put together an interactive map that includes over 1900 puntastic business names. It's been color-coded into different sections including coffee shops (“Brewed Awakenings” pops up more than once), pet care centers (so does “Doggie Style”), and restaurants (so many “pho” puns).

The creators acknowledge that movie allusions, homophones, and dirty words, while hilarious, aren’t technically puns, but they still chose to accept a wide range of joke titles in the spirit of wordplay. Sadly, submissions have been closed, but if you suggest your favorite punny establishment using the hashtag “punbiz,” there’s a chance they’ll make a last minute addition. Until then, you can spend your time pondering why there are so many hair salons that invite their customers to "Curl up and Dye."

[h/t: Atlas Obscura]