Mounted Wall Antlers Made From Plants

Rebecca OConnell
Nouchka Huijg
Nouchka Huijg / Nouchka Huijg

Taxidermy looks cool, but keeping dead animals in the house isn't for everyone. Enter designer Fabio Milito, who teamed up with Paula Studio to create arrangements that mimic the look of mounted antlers. The project, called Elkebana, draws its inspiration from ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers.

To create the mounts, a traditionally-shaped wooden base is fitted with two hand-blown glass tubes that plants are slipped into. Bamboo and branches become antlers, while the right-shaped leaves become ears.

The possibilities are endless once you get your hands on the specially-made wall mount. The creators of Elkebana describe the result as "a continuously mutating, colourful creature," but it's unclear how much the plants will change without being planted in soil.

Elkabana recently had a Crowdyhouse campaign, selling the animal-friendly designs for $144. They also made a number of creations of their own—all with charming names like Xavier the Deer, Nora the Angora, and Girgenta the Goat—to show the endless possibilities of deer-like arrangements.

Images courtesy ofNouchka Huijg via Elkebana

[h/t: Web Urbanist]