Play With Adoptable Kittens From Your Computer

Michele Debczak
iStock / iStock

The Internet is a great place for cat lovers. A quick web search can reveal videos of cats in pretty much any situation imaginable. Now, thanks to a website called iPet Companion, you can even use the Internet to play with felines in real time. 

Participants start by selecting the nearest humane society location from the list of shelters that have partnered with iPet. They can then watch the shelter's live cat room feed and remotely control toys in the area with their keyboard. The feed also gives viewers the option to zoom in, adjust the camera angle, and take a snapshot of their new feline friend in action. For now, there are only 13 shelters participating, but an iPet Companion can be provided free of charge to any shelter that wants one. 

To ensure every visitor gets a chance to play, sessions are limited to two minutes at a time. If that feels too short, you can always head down to the shelter in person and adopt a cat for unlimited real-life playtime. Try it out for yourself at iPet Companion's website