Flash Photography Brings Drab Clothing to Life at Paris Fashion Show

Michele Debczak
Anrealage via YouTube
Anrealage via YouTube / Anrealage via YouTube

As distracting as they can be, flashing lights are as much a part of Fashion Week as street style stars and celebrities parked in the front row. With that in mind, Japanese clothiers Anrealage decided to embrace the smartphone at their Spring 2016 ready-to-wear show in Paris.

Guests at the show, which took place inside the Palais de Tokyo on September 29, were given headphones and illustrated instructions showing them how to activate the flash on their iPhone cameras. Through the headphones, a robotic voice informed them that the fashions would “only be visible using flash photography.” 

The show commenced as models in drab outfits strutted down the darkened catwalk—that is, until the first flashes revealed a split second of bright colors and whimsical designs. One gray jumpsuit flickered with fluorescent plaid, and another dress lit up with a print reminiscent of stained glass. 

Past Anrealage collections have utilized UV light as well as materials that repel phone signals. This time around, creative director Kunihiko Moringo—in collaboration with a company specializing in reflective paint—decided to put his audience's smartphones to work.

See the high-tech fashion in action below.

[h/t: Mashable]