Trippy William Shatner Songs

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Fall On Your Sword
YouTube / Fall On Your Sword / YouTube / Fall On Your Sword

The electronica band-slash-film score ensemble Fall On Your Sword has a mild obsession with Captain Kirk, as played by William Shatner. Over the years, Fall On Your Sword produced two odd mashup songs featuring Shatner's Kirk. They're bizarre, juvenile, and must-see viewing for Star Trek (and/or Shatner) fans.

Shatner Of the Mount

"Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain—why is he climbing a mountain?" Answer: "To hug the mountain." The profound hand movements make this work.

Back to the Ship

Kirk has ingested some sort of...plant poisons...and is...trapped...on the planet's surface! Language warning: This contains occasional f-bombs and comedic references to drugs.