Chicago is Turning Its Train System Into a Moving Library

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Don't have time to go to the library? If you live in Chicago and take the L, the library will soon be coming to you.

To motivate commuters to read more, the Chicago Transit Authority will leave books by Martin Rothblatt, Michael Strahan, Scott Shane, and Missouri senator Claire McCaskill in passenger cars from October 12 to 18. Individuals are encouraged to peruse the books at their leisure—but only until they reach their final stop. After that, they're instructed to leave the works behind for another person to enjoy.

Called "Books On The L," the CTA's book-lending program is a part of Chicago Ideas Week, a seven-day innovation and ideas conference that offers events, activities, and lectures from notable public figures. Want to use the event as an excuse to bond with fellow local bibliophiles? Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook your chosen train read using the hashtag #BooksOnTheL.

[h/t Chicagoist]