The Ultimate Map of Scotland’s Whisky Distilleries


In addition to laying claim to haggis, Nessie, and Sean Connery, Scotland is famous for producing one of the most delicious beverages known to man: Scotch. This dark spirit is made from malted barley that's been aged in an oak barrel. While all scotch is technically whisky, a whisky can only be labeled as Scotch if it's been made in Scotland. For a further breakdown of the glorious drink, take a look at this comprehensive “Survey of Scotch” from PopChartLab.

Scotland has been color-coded to highlight the different varieties of scotch by region. The Highlands, for example, are diagramed to show the region’s different distilleries like Edradour, Aberfeldy, and Old Pulteney. It also lists the types of whiskies produced by each site, spanning a wide range of ages and alcohol concentrations. 

If you plan on channeling your inner Ron Swanson in the future by touring the whisky distilleries of Scotland, this map would make a great starting point. Until then, you can hang it on your wall and dream. 

[h/t: PopChartLab]