Moving Walls Create New Rooms in This Apartment

Shaunacy Ferro
Javier de Paz, PKMN Architectures
Javier de Paz, PKMN Architectures / Javier de Paz, PKMN Architectures

Don’t like living in a small space? Try putting in moveable walls. Built as a second home in northern Spain for a couple that primarily resides in Mexico, the Little Big House is the most flexible home you could imagine. They wanted to be able to have the whole family come stay comfortably in the 750-square-foot apartment, so they turned to Spanish designers PKMN Architectures, who have made something of a specialty out of expanding the feel of tiny spaces. 

CASA MJE / Pequeñas Grandes Casas from PKMN [pac-man] on Vimeo.

Large moving walls that are similar to floor-to-ceiling cabinets can be moved on wheels, turning the home into a big studio space, a one bedroom, or a two bedroom. Beds and other furniture fold out of the walls, tiny-house style.

PKMN Architectures previously tried out moving walls as a way to transform a tiny studio apartment into multiple rooms, but they aren’t the only designers thinking about how to maximize small urban spaces. Ikea is reportedly working on similar technology, which would presumably be a cheaper option than hiring an architecture firm.