A Beer Bong for Champagne Drinkers

Andrew LaSane
Screenshot via Chambong
Screenshot via Chambong / Screenshot via Chambong

“Shooting” beers is basically a revered sport on college campuses nationwide, but not everyone enjoys the taste of a good brew, and some just aren't into the idea of communal beer bongs. To get those wannabe athletes in the game and “push the limits of a party science,” the founders and inventors of Chambong designed a wine glass for guzzling champagne. The barware, made of high borosilicate glass, is part flute and part open-ended funnel, with a curved stem so that the liquid stays inside until tilted.

According to the Chambong website, the dishwasher-safe glasses hold four ounces of champagne (a disclaimer warns that using any other liquid is regarded as a "misuse of the product") and will cost you $25. Check out the video below to see how they're made.