New Photo of Outlaw Jesse James Discovered

Shaunacy Ferro

Image Credit:Lois Gibson via Facebook

After 13 years, the owner of an old tintype photo of Jesse James has finally proven that the image does, in fact, picture the notorious outlaw. Sandy Mills, who lives in eastern Washington, grew up hearing stories from her grandmother about the time her family had hidden James and his gang in their farmhouse in Missouri in the 1870s.

The image shows James sitting next to Robert Ford, the conspirator who would later shoot him for reward money from the Missouri governor. After her grandmother’s death, Mills tried to sell the tintype, but no one would believe that it was authentic. Lois Gibson, a forensic analyst, took on the project and compared the image to a host of other verified images of the outlaw. “I am positive it's Jesse James,” Gibson told the Houston Chronicle

[h/t: Atlas Obscura]