Adam Savage Interviews The Martian Author Andy Weir

Chris Higgins
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The Martian is the hot science movie of the year. In the film, an astronaut is stranded alone on Mars, and struggles to survive using his scientific knowledge. The movie is based on the excellent book by Andy Weir, which I tore through in two sittings. I loved the movie too.

If you're curious how Weir came to write The Martian, and what the real science behind the story is, this hour-long interview between Weir and MythBuster Adam Savage is required viewing. It's particularly interesting that Weir based his story on Mars Direct, a real proposal to visit Mars created primarily by Robert Zubrin. If you like Mars, or The Martian, tune in:

Even if you've seen the movie, the book is bit more involved than the movie. Well worth the read.