‘Harry Potter’ Fans Are Leaving Socks at This Encased Dobby Display

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. / Warner Bros.

J.K. Rowling gave Dobby more than his fair share of hardship, which is what makes the moment he gets his freedom one of the most beloved scenes in the Harry Potter series. After Harry tricks Lucius Malfoy into presenting Dobby with a sock in The Chamber of Secrets, he spends the rest of his life as a free elf. But instead of that happy, free version of Dobby, the statue on display at Leavesden’s Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London showcases a sad and barefooted version. In an effort to grant him his freedom, some fans have been leaving their socks at the exhibit. 

Heartwarming photos of the elf activism have been circulating online, and J.K. Rowling even retweeted one to show her solidarity. Unfortunately, house elves can only become free after receiving an item of clothing from their masters. Someone should probably tell this to the tour groups before any more socks are sacrificed.