The Cute, Dancing Robot Smartphone of the Near Future

YouTube / YouTube

While most smartphone companies are thinking of ways to amp up their devices with a larger screen-to-device ratio, Sharp has created something that is more personal assistant than phone. The RoBoHon Smartphone is an 8-inch robot, equipped with a touchscreen phone in its back and a camera on its head, that does more than make calls. The device can dance, stand, walk, talk, and project photos onto the wall, and it will be charming its way into Japanese homes as early as 2016, according to Engadget.

The RoBoHon website describes the smartphone as “a phone you have never seen before. A phone in human shape. A phone that you feel like talking to. A phone that also wants to know you.” The device has all the features that you expect from a smartphone in 2015, including email, a front-facing camera for selfies, and Siri-like assistant software that can store and find information. But it’s the smiling face, voice, and movement of RoBoHon that make it unlike any other smartphone on the market.

The specs on the website are scarce and only reveal that there is an MSM 8926 1.2Ghz chip inside, it weighs less than one pound, and the screen is significantly smaller than flagship devices from other manufacturers at around two inches. Check out the concept movie for RoBoHon below.