By Simon Brew

For years, the early morning hubbub of offices across the world was accompanied by the chirpy tones of the Windows XP start-up ditty. Nothing could motivate the average office worker more. Ahem.

Still, how's this for a spin on it?

As part of a project on his Soundcloud page, London-based musician Daniel John Jones has experimented with slowing down the playback of an assortment of Windows start-up sounds. He's taken each of them and slowed them by 4000 percent.

In the case of Windows XP, that extends the start-up noise to just shy of three minutes, and it's a mix of eerie build-up and dramatic pay off that we seem to get. Take a listen:

Then there's the Windows 95 start-up, which also has something of a sinister edge to it all of a sudden.

The full collection of Jones's work can be found here.

This post originally appeared on our UK site.