These Playful Infographics Teach Toddlers About the World

Shaunacy Ferro

Why should visually playful, comprehensive infographics be just for adults? The Brooklyn-based infographic wizards at Pop Chart Lab have set their sights on a new target demographic: children. Their new line, Data Tots, is perfect for the children of design nerds. 

So far, the posters available include a compendium of toy trucks and construction machines, an animal-themed alphabet graphic, a print dotted with different types of art supplies, and an “array of animal tracks” that displays different pawprints in their real-life size.

The prints combine Pop Chart Lab's signature, comprehensive style with a kid-friendly aesthetic. Kids will no doubt be happy to go through each print and find each and every animal, profession, art supply, or truck type pictured.

All images courtesy of Pop Chart Lab