Proposed Superhighway Would Let You Drive From NY to London

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Ever wanted to take a road trip to Europe?

Last spring, former Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin proposed the “Trans-Eurasian Belt Development”—a superhighway that would stretch across Russia, eventually connecting London and New York. Although some of the highway would include pre-existing roads, much of it would be newly constructed along the Trans-Siberian Railway, CNN reports. The ambitious project would also include a brand-new train network and oil and gas pipelines.

Not surprisingly, the superhighway would likely cost trillions of dollars. Officials didn't explain how they’d connect the 55-mile gap between mainland Russia and Alaska. Also, since Yakunin officially left his post in August, it’s hard to know where the highway proposal stands at the moment.

While fun to imagine, it's hard to imagine a person—or a car—that could drive across three continents and make it to the final destination in one piece.

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