A Serving of This Peanut Butter Has More Caffeine Than a Cup of Coffee

Michele Debczak

If you’re looking to boost your caffeine intake, consider swapping your morning coffee for a spoonful of peanut butter. A two-tablespoon serving of STEEM caffeinated peanut butter packs 170 mg of caffeine—that’s more than an eight-ounce cup of joe. 

According to the product’s website, the energy STEEM provides lasts longer than coffee and doesn’t include the jittery side effects. Because your system takes more time to absorb the chemicals in peanut butter than in liquid coffee, you receive a steady release of energy after you consume it. STEEM peanut butter also comes with all the nutrients you’d get from regular peanut butter, like protein. 

The product is made with no artificial sweeteners and uses caffeine extracted from coffee beans. To enjoy it, the company recommends treating STEEM like normal peanut butter by spreading it on crackers or eating it in a PB&J. A serving has just 30 milligrams less caffeine than a shot of 5-Hour Energy, so keep that in mind before dumping half the jar into a breakfast smoothie. 

[h/t: Vox]