Relax With an Hourglass That Uses Bubbles Instead of Sand

Rebecca OConnell
vimeo / vimeo

Few things are as stressful as a ticking clock, so slow down time with the Awaglass: a bubble hourglass. In lieu of sand, bubbles of different shapes move up through the glass at varying speeds. Unlike its more traditional counterparts, the Awaglass is not meant to accurately tell time. Instead, it makes time arbitrary and reminds the owner to take a breath; it's hard to feel like time is slipping away when the hourglass is seemingly moving backwards.

Designed by Norihiko Terayama, the relaxing trinket works more like a lava lamp than a timer and is meant to be used similarly to a stress ball. Previously only available in Japan, you can now buy one over at Spoon & Tamago

[h/t: Spoon & Tamago]