Brazilian Campaign Yarn Bombs Traffic Signs to Remind People to Donate Clothes

Rebecca OConnell
Doe Agasalho
Doe Agasalho / Doe Agasalho

As temperatures drop, everyone could use a few extra layers—even the people on traffic signs. A few creative Brazilian do-gooders have united to create Doe Agasalho ("Donate Warm Clothes"), a campaign to remind people to donate their old winter clothes. 

The collective has been knitting tiny outfits for the little stick figures on traffic signs.

All around São Paulo, citizens can see traffic signs with characters decked out in sweaters, hats, and scarves, as well as stickers urging the reader to remember to donate clothes. The hope is that the colorful apparel will draw the attention of passersby and the sticker will tell them what to do. 

So far, the organizers have yarn-bombed nine signs, but they plan to add 10 more to the list by the end of the month. "Winter is over in Brazil, but those who live in the streets are still cold," the group's Instagram explains.

[h/t: Adweek]