This Pocket-Sized Camera Has 16 Built-In Lenses


DSLRs are designed to work with a multitude of lenses, but it can be a chore to lug around a variety of lenses and a camera body. Light Company wants to help photography buffs take a load off their shoulders with a compact alternative that fits in a pocket. 

The Light L16 Camera is the size of a point-and-shoot or smartphone, but it has 16 lenses with fixed focal lengths, 10 of which fire at the same time. The camera then stitches the photos into one high resolution image. "It's like having a camera body, zoom, and 3 fast prime lenses right in your pocket," reads the product description. The technology allows users to change the focal point of an image after taking the shot, either with the built-in editing software and 5-inch touchscreen, or by connecting the device via WiFi to use editing software on a computer. 

"What we’re really doing is repurposing technology found in cell phones," Light CEO Dave Grannan told Forbes. "We’re taking multiple small, inexpensive camera modules and putting them into a high-quality camera that’s a fraction of the cost of traditional big glass optics.”

Pre-orders for the Light L16 are now open and will set you back $1299.