Fix Things On the Go With Hot Glue Matches

Rebecca OConnell
instructables / instructables

Hot glue is a great quick fix. Broken heel? Shattered bowl? Emergency art project? All can be remedied with a dab of heated glue. The only problem is that it's a pain to set up. First, you have to find the glue gun in the basement, then plug it in and wait what feels like an eternity for the glue to melt. (Most former elementary schoolers remember checking the gun every two seconds to see if they could forcibly squeeze out a few bits of half-melted glue.) Luckily, Instructables user  has the solution. Heat a glue stick, roll matches in the softened substance, then let dry. When you light the match, the fire will melt the surrounding glue. Voilà: small, portable glue sticks that you can bring anywhere. You can read the full directions here