Turn Boring Texts Into Ballads With This App

Screenshot via Typatone
Screenshot via Typatone / Screenshot via Typatone

Is slogging through emails getting a little boring?  Typatone, a new web app, hopes to make things more interesting by turning the text into a bouncy jingle as you type. Each letter is assigned a different tone and, when strung together in a sentence, the notes create a looping melody. The app offers several musical templates to work with—hit the musical note above the keyboard to scroll through them.

So go ahead and paste in text from a work email or a celebrity Tweet, and share your original musical creation with the world. The song you create can be downloaded or emailed. Try it out for yourself below:

And for the Easter-egg hunters out there: One of Typatone’s creators tells Co.Design that entering a specific phrase generates a hidden song. The only hint he’d give was that it has to do with a date.

[h/t: Co.Design]