The No-Excuse Guide to Making Salad Dressing at Home

Caitlin Schneider

Via KptnCook, click to enlarge

For the unenlightened, this news might come as a bit of a surprise: Your salad dressing is ripping you off. Sure, it’s convenient, but most people don’t realize how very easy it is to make your own salad topper at home. It’s healthier, cheaper, and means you won’t be stuck in a honey-dijon rut for months on end just because you need to get through the bottle.

KptnCook created the above “Ultimate Guide to Salad Dressings,” illustrating that a myriad of dressings can be made with just three basic ingredients. It’s not just for vinaigrette lovers either, so blue cheese and buttermilk fans need not feel neglected. The infographic is a handy tool for the next time you’re staring into the pantry abyss and feeling like you don’t have what it takes to whip up something great.

[h/t Lifehacker]