Master a Light Version of Origami With the Folding Lamp

Folding Lamp
Folding Lamp / Folding Lamp

What started out as a gift for a friend wound up going viral, and the Folding Lamp is making waves again. After many requests, Belgian architect Thomas Hick has decided to take the project to the next level. Hick will launch a Kickstarter project for the origami-style lamp soon, giving supporters the opportunity to own the cool design product in a range of colors. 

Fabricated out of stainless steel sheet metal with perforated lines and an LED plate in the center, the Folding Lamp allows the owner to adjust and readjust the shape, depending on their lighting needs. The lamp also features a touch sensor, so the brightness can also be controlled simply by touching any of the exterior walls. Unlike paper origami, the forms that the product can take are limited because the lines have already been determined by the designer, but there is still some room for individuality on the part of the consumer. 


The price of the Folding Lamp has not yet been revealed, but the official project website gives supporters the option to sign up for email alerts for when the Kickstarter goes live. Check out the video below of Hick explaining his design process: