This Wearable of the Future Will Track Your Carbon Footprint

Anna Green
Benjamin Hubert, Vimeo
Benjamin Hubert, Vimeo / Benjamin Hubert, Vimeo

Benjamin Hubert spends his time imagining a greener future—and trying to create the environmentally friendly technologies to go along with it. Most recently, the London-based designer has teamed up with Carbon Trust to develop a wearable device called Worldbeing that will monitor the user's carbon footprint. 

The device, which looks like a Fitbit, will be paired with an app that will not only give users feedback, but allow them to compete with each other to see who can reduce their environmental impact the most. According to Slate, the app will track everything from transportation decisions to food and energy consumption. 

So far, Worldbeing is just in the concept stage. And, to some degree, the rest of the world still needs to catch up with that concept: the app imagines a world where the majority of businesses list the carbon footprints of their products. Slate notes, “The designers anticipate that ‘the near future will be a place of accountability.’” But even without the full transparency of other businesses, the app could still provide tons of useful information. Check out the concept video below: 

[h/t: Slate]