Perfectly Microwaved Pizza is Finally a Reality

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Reheatza on Facebook / Reheatza on Facebook

Microwave ovens are one of the most important accidental scientific inventions of all time, but there are some things the wondrous appliance is less than perfect at reheating (more on how it works here). To improve the way leftover pizza and other foods are nuked, the Reheatza team created a device that absorbs microwaves in its base and blocks them from hitting the meal directly from above. The result: crispier breads and a more even heat distribution. 

Though it's named after the popular comfort food, the Reheatza can be used to reheat a wide variety of foods, according to the creators. The product website features demonstration videos for warming up everything from eggs to cheeseburgers and one that even shows the difference between toasting a marshmallow with and without the pan. A Kickstarter campaign is up and running to get the design into production and to make every college student's dream of perfectly microwaved pizza a reality.