Play Retro Games on a Wooden "Gameboy"

Rebecca OConnell
Love Hultén
Love Hultén / Love Hultén

As today's games get more advanced and realistic, some nostalgic players remember the old, simpler entertainment options with fondness. Luckily, there is no shortage of products and creations to satisfy that wistfulness, including one Gameboy-like contraption created by Swedish designer and craftsman Love Hultén. This device takes throw-back to a new level by fitting the beloved machine into a handcrafted wooden container. The vintage, '70s-style handheld is made from American Walnut and is only 8x8x4 cm. A Raspberry Pi A+ inside the console lets it load up playable games. Although it's fully functional, you probably won't be able to play one yourself. Hultén’s creations are made to order and only available upon request.

[h/t: Design Taxi]