Bone Up on Your Breeds With This Dog Alphabet

Andrew LaSane
Andrei Clompos
Andrei Clompos / Andrei Clompos

Combining animal portraiture and typography, Romanian-based graphic designer Andrei Clompos created an alphabet that doubles as a information sheet on 26 different dog breeds, from the Akita to the Zuchon.

On the Behance profile where the project was shared, Clompos writes that the idea came after he got a dog of his own and began experimenting with its portrait. "I decided to make another version of my old project 'The study of the typographic element in the virtual world,' but instead of objects I used pictures with dog breeds, my dog (B-letter), my friends' dogs, and also few from the internet," he notes. Each letter in the full alphabet chart features a portrait of a dog from the specified breed, while the individual letter designs spell out the name of breed and include a paragraph of fun facts about the dogs. Check out the full chart and a sample of the breed cards below.