Keep Tabs on Your Kitty With This GPS-Enabled Catphone

Andrew LaSane
iStock / iStock

Cats are notorious for doing what they want, when they want. So owners looking to track their felines' movements can use all the assistance they can get. One high-tech helper: French company Weenect's GPS device that doubles as a kitty phone.


The tracking system fits on a pet collar and has a SIM card slot so it can be synced with a smartphone. If the cat goes out to explore the neighborhood or gets lost, the system will send a notification to the owner that their feline friend is no longer at home. Then, they have the option to either find it and bring it back safely, or share the map of its journey with friends on social media.

The battery in the Weenect Cats lasts for four days, which increases the odds of finding a lost companion after the first day has passed. The device also allows the owner to call the cat and speak to it, a feature that is demonstrated in the promotional video below. To preorder the Weenect Cats GPS Tracker, head to the company's website.

h/t: Techradar