A Stop-Motion View of the First Moon Walk

Shaunacy Ferro

Apollo Missions from harrisonicus on Vimeo

These days, an astronaut landing on a new world for the first time would probably be strapped with a GoPro camera to record the whole thing in high-definition video. In the late '60s, though, the video cameras that captured the first Moon walks were not so crystal clear. But now we can imagine a beautiful film of the first journeys to the Moon, with the help of stop-motion animation. 

Earlier this year, the Project Apollo Archive, an online repository of imagery from NASA’s lunar landings created by space history enthusiast Kipp Teague, added thousands of high-resolution photos taken by Apollo astronauts. These 8000 images, re-scanned for the public by the Johnson Space Center, provide a rare, comprehensive look at Apollo missions 7 through 15 (Neil Armstrong's moon walk was on Apollo 11). Thanks to the deft editing skills of one Vimeo user, they’re now a film, spliced together from a series of stills showing liftoff, the lunar surface, and more.  

Banner image via Vimeo