Meet the Man Who Built a Replica of the Halloween House


Think you like scary movies? Kenny Caperton loves horror films so much that he decided to live in one.

In 2007, Caperton visited Southern California with his now-wife, Emily. The two recent college graduates swung by the “Myers” house—the blue Victorian home that served as Michael Myers’ fictional Haddonfield, Ill. residence in the Halloween movies.

Caperton was a huge Halloween fan, and he and Emily also happened to be house-hunting. The couple ended up appreciating the famous structure's legacy and aesthetic so much that they decided to build a nearly identical replica in their native North Carolina. It was “the size we were looking for, and we loved the architectural details,” Caperton told i09. “Immediately I got on the phone with [the city of] South Pasadena, trying to find the blueprints."

The original blueprints were nowhere to be found, so the couple drew the house to scale on a piece of paper and constructed their own modified version. A year and a half later, the home was completed on a isolated plot of woodland in Hillsborough, N.C.

Today, scary movie aficionados flock to the residence for chills and thrills, especially around Halloween. However, purists shouldn’t arrive at the Capertons' residence expecting an exact replica of the Myers home. Built in 1888, the Pasadena house didn't have bathrooms, a kitchen, or a staircase that satisfied modern building codes. (A fake back was attached to the tiny Victorian during Halloween’s filming.) Caperton modernized his home, and he also added two large upstairs bedrooms in place of the original's four small ones. Despite these changes, however, the home's exterior is nearly identical to the film version that haunts your nightmares. 

Visitors are welcome by appointment during Halloween season, so feel free to check out The Myers House North Carolina's website for more information. Too spooked? Take a virtual tour of the house above. 

[h/t io9]