Designer Feline Furniture for Highbrow Pet Owners

Kirstin Fawcett

Love cats, but don’t love the furry, sparkly, and feathered toys and accessories marketed toward their owners? Meyou Paris thinks your appreciation for high-end design and felines shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

The French company recently launched a line of “classy furniture for discerning cats.” Constructed from wood, cotton, and felt, the minimalist cat beds and cocoons come in subdued neutrals and possess a bit of a mid-century retro feel. Customers can choose from three sleek models for $206, or they can hold out for the company’s upcoming highbrow cat trees and scratching pads.

The feline furniture is available for pre-order through an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, which has already met its funding goal thanks to chic cat owners across the globe. Learn more about Meyou Paris in the video above—but don't be too upset if you purchase one of their designer beds and your cat rejects it for a dresser drawer.

[h/t Slate]